Welcome to the purrfect world of Pusheen

Welcome to the purrfect world of Pusheen

Here at www.hugsandlove.com.au we love Pusheen. Online here and at our shop, newsXpress Mount Waverley (71 Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley, VIC) we have Pusheen cuties ready for your hugs.

Now, if you're not sure who or what Pusheen is, here's some info for you ...

Pusheen, the chubby grey tabby cat with a love for all things cute and cuddly, has taken the internet by storm. Created by Australians Claire Belton and Andrew Duff in 2010, Pusheen started out as part of a webcomic called "Everyday Cute".Fast forward to today, Pusheen is a global phenomenon, with her own website, social media empire, and a mountain of merchandise. But what exactly is it about this cartoon cat that has captured hearts around the world?

A Cat for Everyone

Pusheen's charm lies in her simplicity. She doesn't speak, yet her expressive eyes and round body convey a whole range of emotions that we can all relate to. Whether she's curled up for a nap, chasing butterflies, or diving headfirst into a bowl of noodles, Pusheen's adventures are relatable and funny, perfect for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up.

Beyond the Cattitude

Pusheen isn't alone in her adorable world. She has a whole crew of feline friends and family, including her sister Stormy,brother Pip, and even a sloth named Sloth (because, well, sloths are pretty darn cute too). There's also a bunch of fun Pusheen variations, like Pusheenosaurus Rex (a T-Rex Pusheen) and Purrmaid (a mermaid Pusheen, obviously).

From Webcomic to Plushie Empire

Pusheen's journey from webcomic star to pop culture icon is nothing short of impressive. You can now find Pusheen plastered on everything from phone cases and mugs to plush toys and clothes. There's even a Pusheen app with games, stickers, and GIFs to help you spread the Pusheen love.

So, if you're looking for a daily dose of adorable, Pusheen is your purrfect companion.

Pusheen is a brand you can trust. Each product is carefully made, and kid friendy. But plenty of adults buy and love Pusheen. We've had people in their 70s fall in love with this adorable feline.

If you want to send someone a gift they can hug and love, sending a plush Pusheen could be the perfect choice. We are so grateful to be able to offer you this iconic brand.

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