Thank you for considering our Mount Waverley gift shop

Hey, thank you for stopping by our Mount Waverley gift shop, We alled our website that because we see ourselves as helping people give and send hugs and love through beautiful gifts, wonderful cards and so many other treats that we have here on our website and in our shop.

Speaking of our shop, we are at 71 Hamilton Place in Mount Waverley. Our shop is called newsXpress Mount Waverley.

We love serving the folks of Mount Waverley. It is a wonderful community filled with schools, parks, clubs and many local shops like ours, run by local families. This is what local retail is about at its heart, local families.

Most of the cards we sell are designed and printed in Australia. This helps keep local Aussie artists and printers in work. Many of our gifts, too, are locally made. We think this matters. 

Mount Waverley has a rich history. The Woi Wurrung people inhabited the area well before European settlement, tens of thousands years before.

In 1853, the Parish of Mulgrave was surveyed and subdivided, with the first land sales happening in Oakleigh that same year. Mount Waverley's subdivision followed in 1854. The name "Mount Waverley" is believed to be inspired by Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels.

Initially, the land was used for grazing cattle and sheep. In the early 1900s, farming transitioned towards fruits, vegetables, and poultry to cater to Melbourne's growing population.

1900 marked a significant year as residents petitioned for a primary school and postal services. Mount Waverley Primary School opened its doors in 1906, and the Mount Waverley Post Office followed suit in 1905.

Mount Waverley today is a vibrant local community of people from many backgrounds. In our shop we see people daily from young to old, people in all sorts of work, people getting with live, celebrating many wins. That's a good thing about our type of shop, we see life through milestones and celebrations. We are grateful for that.

Our local shop has been here for years, at Hamilton Place. There is easy parking and wide range of shops from an awesome IGA supermarket to pharmacies, gift shops, hair salons and plenty of tasty food outlets. This is a wonderful local place shop and we are glad to be here and part of it for you.


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