Squishmallows are perfect gifts for when you want to send hugs

Squishmallows are perfect gifts for when you want to send hugs

If you need or want to send someone a hug, send them a Squishmallow. These cute characters are so squishy and huggable. Kids love them, adults love them.

Squishmallows are the perfect hug to send for any occasion. They are ideal cheer-up gift. 

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Squishmallows are adorable, marshmallow-soft plush gifts. They have taken the toy world by storm. They're perfect ambassadors of hugs and happiness.

We have people buying Squishmallows for all sorts of occasions. 

Squishmallows come in a big range of colours, shapes, and sizes, each with its own unique personality. From cuddly cows to adorable axolotls, there's a Squishmallow out there to match everyone's taste.Their big, friendly eyes and soft fur practically beg for a cuddle.

Squishmallows offer a comfort and relaxation. They are perfect for stress relief. Their squishy texture is therapeutic, perfect for de-stressing after a long day. So man y customersd have told us they are calming. Squeezing a Squishmallow can be a great way to ease anxiety and melt away tension.

Squishmallows aren't just for kids! Teens and adults alike have embraced the Squishmallow phenomenon. Whether you're looking for a bedtime buddy for a little one or a desk companion for work, there's a Squishmallow out there for everyone.

We love it when customers come in for a hug.

With new Squishmallows constantly being released, there's always something new to add to the collection. The hunt for that rare or limited-edition Squishmallow can be exciting for collectors of all ages. It's a fun way to connect with friends and family who share the Squishmallow love.

In our experience talking to many customers, the best thing about Squishmallows is the act of hugging them.  Squishmallows offer a warm, comforting embrace. They're a tangible reminder that you're sending someone love and support, even if you can't be there in person. And, yes, we sneak a hug every now and then ourselves!

If you need to send a hug, consider a Squishmallow. These adorable cuties are more than just toys – they're fluffy messengers of love, friendship, and squishy hugs. They're sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone lucky enough to receive one.

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