Sparkly Fun: Pink Poppy's Playground of Dress Up for Little Ones

Sparkly Fun: Pink Poppy's Playground of Dress Up for Little Ones

We are so grateful to offer the Pink Poppy range of jewellery and accessories for children here at and our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley.

Pink Poppy is an Aussie-owned brand offering a treasure trove of delightful children's jewellery and accessories, designed to fuel playtime adventures and make every day a dress-up party.

From Unicorns to Mermaids: A World of Wonder

Pink Poppy understands the power of make-believe. Their collections are bursting with whimsical themes that spark a child's creativity. Whether your mini-me is a unicorn enthusiast, a mermaid maven, or a fairy-winged fantasist, there's something to set their heart aflutter.

Imagine tiny wrists adorned with sparkly bracelets featuring delicate ballerina figures or bright, enchanting butterflies. Or perhaps your child would love to shimmer and shine with a mermaid tail necklace, complete with glittery scales that catch the light.

We have kids come in and fall in love with the Pink Poppy products right away, loving the aesthetic and expressing joy at how they feel trying them out. We love seeing this in the shop. It tells us that the Pink Poppy range is loved.

Pink Poppy will have them twirling with delight. Kids love the adorable hair clips – a sprinkle of glitter and playful shapes are the perfect finishing touch to any imaginative play session.

Safety First, Fun Always

These products are safe. Pink Poppy is committed to high-quality, nickel-free materials. This means you can rest assured that their jewellery and accessories are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Many of Pink Poppy's pieces are handmade and hand-painted, adding a special touch of love and care to each item. Plus,their designs are crafted with durability in mind, so you can be confident they'll withstand the adventures of even the most energetic little ones.

A Spark of Imagination

Pink Poppy goes beyond just dressing up. Their adorable DIY charm bracelets and friendship bracelet kits allow children to express their creativity and individuality. They can mix and match colourful beads to design unique pieces that reflect their own personal style.

Imagine the joy of crafting a special bracelet with a friend or creating a dazzling masterpiece that becomes a treasured keepsake. Pink Poppy's jewellery and accessories are more than just trinkets; they're a springboard for imaginative play, fostering self-expression and social interaction.

The Perfect Gift for Budding Fashionistas

If you are looking for a birthday gift that will delight, Pink Poppy's collection is sure to put a smile on any child's face. Their charming jewellery sets, sparkling hair accessories, and whimsical dress-up wings make for perfect gifts that encourage imaginative play and endless hours of fun.

When you shop with us at or at our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley Victoria, you are sopping with a local family owned and run shop. We are grateful for your consideration.

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