Nee-Doh products are loved by people with sensory and attention challenges as well as those with arthritis in their hands

Nee-Doh products are loved by people with sensory and attention challenges as well as those with arthritis in their hands

We are so grateful to offer the Nee-Doh range at, the online store for newsXpress Mount Waverley, 71 Hamilton Place, Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia.

Here's a bit about Nee-Doh: Imagine a ball of super soft, super stretchy dough. Now picture squishing it, pulling it, and smushing it – that's the Nee-Doh experience! It comes back to its original shape after every squeeze, providing endless tactile fun. No matter your age, the satisfying squish of a Nee-Doh can be incredibly soothing.

Nee-Doh: the range is the squishy solution for sensory seekers and fidgety friends.

Ever met a kid (or adult!) who just can't seem to sit still? Fidgeting, bouncing, and needing some way to channel their energy is totally normal. But for those with attention and sensory challenges, it can be tough to find a calming outlet.

Ever been with an adult with arthritis in their hands and they need movement to relax them.

Enter the Nee-Doh! This groovy glob is more than just a stress ball - it's a sensory superstar.

Nee-Dohs products are fantastic fidget toys and wonderful for people who benefit from hand movement. By giving hands something to do, they can help improve focus and concentration as well as circulation.

Squeezing and stretching the Nee-Doh provides proprioceptive input, which is basically a fancy way of saying it helps kids understand their body's position in space. This can be super helpful for those who crave sensory stimulation.

For those with arthritis it can relax the hands, which they can find calming. 

Nee-Dohs come in a bunch of different colours, textures, and even shapes! There's a Nee-Doh for everyone, from glow-in-the-dark options for night-time fidgeting to sparkly varieties that add a touch of fun. Plus, they're small and portable, so you can take your calming companion anywhere.

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for someone who struggles with attention or sensory overload? A Nee-Doh is a winner! It's a stress reliever, a fidget toy, and a source of calming sensory input all rolled into one. Plus, it's just plain fun to squish! So next time you're on the hunt for a gift that promotes focus and relaxation, consider the power of the Nee-Doh.

We are grateful to offer the Nee-Doh range for in-store shopping as well as online. These are products you can trust, products they will love and appreciate: kids and adults, from 2 to 100+. They sell fast, often new products selling out.

If you come to the shop, we have some you can play with and see for yourself why they are loved.

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