If you are looking for Jellycat in Chadstone, come to our Mount Waverley shop for easy parking and a huge range

If you are looking for Jellycat in Chadstone, come to our Mount Waverley shop for easy parking and a huge range

Our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley is a good alternative to shopping for Jellycat plush at Chadstone. Parking is super easy, you can be in and out in no time. also, parking is free.

We have a massive range of Jellycat characters, all the latest products, including the very special 25th anniversary products. We think shopping with us for Jellycat products sure beats shopping for Jellycat at Chadstone. Come see for yourself.

Plus, when you buy Jellycat products from us we give you a very special voucher offering $$ off your next purchase. This is another reason to buy from us instead of buying Jellycat at Chadstone.

Our website is called www.hugsandlove.com.au and our shop is called newsXpress Mount Waverley. Some call it Jellycat land on account of all the Jellycat products that we have here waiting for you.

We get that Chadstone has the big bright shops backed by the big ad budget. The thing is, big shopping centres are expensive. Parking is a pain and when it comes to products like Jellycat, we have access to everything brought into Australia, just like any retailer in Chadstone, or anywhere for that matter.

Here's why shopping local, like with us at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley for Jellycat and all manner of things is better than shopping at big Chadstone:

Local shops are treasure troves and local shopkeepers are passionate about their products and love offering personalised recommendations ... we are.

Your local shops are run by your neighbours, people who live and work in your community. Every dollar you spend stays local, supporting jobs and creating a vibrant community atmosphere. 

Forget the battle for carparks and the overwhelming crowds. Local shops offer a relaxed, stress-free shopping experience. Take your time, browse at your own pace, and enjoy the friendly service.

Local shops add character and charm to our neighbourhoods. They're the places that make Melbourne unique. Let's keep those quirky cafes, independent bookstores, and vintage clothing stores thriving!

So next time you need something, consider exploring your local shopping strip. You might surprise yourself with what you find, and you'll definitely be making a positive impact on your community.

Next time you are looking to buy anything Jellycat, think of us at www.hugsandlove.com.au and our shop newsXpress Mount Waverley at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley. We'd be so grateful if you did.

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