How to choose the best Jellycat plush to give as a gift

How to choose the best Jellycat plush to give as a gift

It can be hard to choose the best Jellycat plush to give as a gift with so many Jellycat characters from which to choose. We'd love to help you with this.

With their quirky designs, unbelievably soft fur, and adorable names, they're a gift that puts a smile on faces of all ages. 

1. Know your Jellycat gift recipient

Consider the person you're buying for. Is colour a factor? What about size? And then what about the type of character? These are important considerations. Jellycats come in all shapes, sizes, and species, so think about what would resonate with your recipient.

  • For the little ones: Opt for soft, squishy Jellycats that are easy for tiny hands to hold. Look for ones with friendly faces and simple features that are developmentally appropriate for bubs.
  • For the young at heart: In the Jellycat range you will find a huge range of fantastical creatures, mythical beasts, and even veggies. Choose something that reflects their interests or personality.
  • For the adults: Jellycats make delightful desk buddies or quirky home decor additions. They are a treat for hospital or a care home. Go for something sophisticated and sleek, or pick a creature that tickles their funny bone.

2. Match Their Personality

Jellycats have wonderful personalities. Choose your jellyvcat gift to match their personality. 

3. Consider the Occasion

Is it a birthday? Look for a Jellycat related to their favourite animal or character.  Christmas? Reindeer maybe.

4. Size Matters

Jellycats come in all sizes, from teeny tiny ones that fit in the palm of your hand to giant plushie pals that practically beg for cuddles. Consider the space your giftee has and how they plan to use their Jellycat. A small Jellycat might be perfect for taking on adventures, while a larger one could be a snuggle buddy extraordinaire.

5. Don't Forget the Feels

The most important factor? How the Jellycat makes you feel! Pick one that you think your giftee will absolutely adore. Check this out by hugging them.

Some people say the Jellycat they buy chooses them. We have seen that happen so many times. It is adorable. It makes buying Jellycat like adopting.

If you are not sure though, we can help. Call or email and we will be ready with suggestions for your consideration. And, once you have made your selection, we will take care to prepare your Jellycat for giving.


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