Deddy Bears are the plush you give when you want something different, fun and scary

Deddy Bears are the plush you give when you want something different, fun and scary

Deddy Bears are selling fast. We love them here at and in our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley.

Deddy Bears take the classic teddy bear and plush look and feel and give it a quirky twist. These plush toys are equal parts cute and spooky, offering a unique cuddle buddy for folks who love a bit of whimsy with their snuggles.

They are an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys scary movies, those who like darker comedy. They are fun, and dark and quirky and dark. Our first shipment sold out in a couple of weeks. We were thrilled and surprised.

Here's what we think what makes Deddy Bears so popular:

  • The Spooky-Cute Factor: Deddy Bears come in a cast of characters inspired by classic monsters and Halloween icons. There's Zombozo the zombie bear, Grin Reaper sporting a cheeky grin, and even a squash-shaped fella named Squash (who, according to his bio, has a weakness for soup!). This quirky combo of cuddly and creepy makes them stand out from the crowd.

  • Quality and Collectibility: Made with soft, huggable materials, Deddy Bears are built to last. They come in three sizes – keychain clips, coffin-packaged plush, and larger body bag buddies. The coffin and body bag versions even come with a "death certificate" packed with quirky details about the bear's character. This unique packaging and backstory make them a hit with collectors who love a touch of the unusual.

  • The Surprise Element: Some Deddy Bears come in blind bags, adding an element of surprise to the mix. You never know which spooky cutie you'll end up with, making the unboxing part of the fun!

  • A Touch of Nostalgia: Deddy Bears tap into nostalgia, offering a grown-up twist on a classic comfort item.

  • They Embrace Individuality: Not everyone wants a sweet teddy. Deddy Bears cater to those who appreciate a bit of darkness alongside their cuddles. They're a great way to express your unique personality and show the world you don't take yourself too seriously.

If you are buying a gift for someone who likes dark comedies, have a good sense of humour or loves horror stories, a Deddy Bear could be what's right for them. 

While they are dark - the bears a dead! - they are fun and cuddly. Plus, they are bought by and for people of all ages. We know they are a good gift because they sell so fast.

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