Bluey cards make for the happiest birthday!

Bluey cards make for the happiest birthday!

Bluey cards are perfect for kids, mum and dad. Bandit and his friends help make for a memorable celebration. We are so grateful to offer Bluey birthday cards here at

These official Bluey greetings with iconic scenes there's a card to suit every budget and Bluey-loving heart.

Having access to the official Bluey licenced cards and gift bags ensures the artists who created Bluey are respected. Each card comes with a special Bluey envelope, adding to the collectible nature of it.

The Bluey story begins with Joe Brumm, Bluey's creator. After working on children's shows abroad, Brumm returned to Queensland, Australia, to raise his daughters. Inspired by his own experiences as a dad, he envisioned a show that captured the joy and chaos of family life. Initially, the main character was even based on a different breed, a Kelpie, before the vibrant Blue Heeler we know and love took centre stage.

Bluey isn't just about family, it's steeped in Australian culture. Produced by Queensland's Ludo Studio, the show reflects the sunshine and laid-back lifestyle of Brisbane. From the backyard setting to the quirky humour, there's a distinctly Aussie feel that resonates with audiences worldwide, which we love, of course!

From a dad's inspiration to a global phenomenon, Bluey's history is a heartwarming tale. Bluey is show that celebrates family, imagination, and the simple joys of being a kid. 

Bluey birthday cards and gift bags help bring the Bluey love and excitement into homes everywhere. We love hearing the delight of parents and kids when they see the cards we have in our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley. We know kids will love it when they open gift packages and see their very own Bluey birthday card.

By offering Bluey Birthday cards online from our store, we are helping more families enjoy the love and comfort of Bluey.
While every birthday card is a keepsake to treasure these Bluey birthday cards are extra special because they will be a reminder in years to come of a very special moment in time of joy, imagination and heartwarming fun for the whole family immersed in the world of Bluey.


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