Beautiful Ruby Red Shoes cards out now

Beautiful Ruby Red Shoes cards out now

We are so thrilled and grateful to have these Ruby Red Shoes cards here at and in our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley VIC.

Ruby Red Shoes cards are beautiful, heart warming and sure to be cherished for many years by those who receive them.

Based on the best-selling children's books by Australian author Kate Knapp, these cards feature the adorable Ruby, a white hare with a penchant for her signature ruby red shoes - of course!!!

The illustrations are gorgeous, bursting with colour and charm. Each card is designed to spread messages of love, friendship, and birthday wishes. These cards are more than cute, they are truly meaningful.

Whether you're reaching out to a friend to say thanks, letting someone know you're thinking of them, or celebrating a special occasion, there's a Ruby Red Shoes card that perfectly captures the sentiment.

we are so thankful to have this range.

Australian through and through.

Ruby Red Shoes is a proudly Australian brand. Choosing these cards, you are sending a heartfelt message but also supporting a local creator. And when you shop with us, you are shopping with a local family business.

Finding the perfect Ruby Red Shoes card is easy. Shop with us here at

If we can help in any way, please reach out via email at You can also call us on 03 9888 3173. Or, you can visit our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley where you can see the Ruby red Shoes range in person along with many other treats.

When you sit to write on your Ruby red Shoes card, consider this idea as one option: May your day be filled with sunshine, smiles, and perhaps a touch of ruby red magic! We share this as an idea starter - for words that could be relevant to the Ruby character.

Ruby Red Shoes is one of many thoughtfully selected for us to offer. In these selections we look for an Australian connection, product quality, enduring brands and products that uplift and nurture happiness. These are things that matter to us.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope our love for Ruby Red Shoes has been of interest to you.

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