Acid drops, humbugs, barley sugar, raspberry drops and tiny tots and more boiled lollies from Scott Bros candy out now

Acid drops, humbugs, barley sugar, raspberry drops and tiny tots and more boiled lollies from Scott Bros candy out now

We are grateful to offer the range of Scott Brothers hard candy here at and at our shop at 71 Hamilton Place Mount Waverley in Victoria.

This classic Aussie made candy is loved by our customers. The flavours are wonderful and the texture perfect for this type of candy.

Based in Queensland, Scott Brothers Candy is all about keeping tradition alive. They offer a mouth-watering selection of 22 classic flavours, with a promise to add more  in the future. From childhood favourites like Barley Sugar and Cherry Ripe to more unique options like Fizzy Cola and Choc Mint Crunch, there's a taste to tempt every sweet tooth.

Among our customers, humbugs, tiny tots and raspberry drops are among the favourites.

These aren't your average, mass-produced lollies. Scott Brothers Candy prides itself on creating high-quality treats using time-tested recipes. Each candy is a little burst of nostalgia, guaranteed to bring back memories of childhood parties, movie nights, and sunny afternoons at the beach.

Scott Bros boiled lollies come in beautiful glass jars and tins, reminiscent of the old-fashioned lolly shops of yesteryear. They're perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen counter, or as a delightful gift for someone who appreciates a trip down memory lane.

What's more, Scott Brothers Candy is passionate about connecting with their customers. They encourage folks to share their favourite flavour memories via email, so they can keep adding new and exciting options to their range. We encourage our customers to do this too.

If you are yearning for a taste of the past, or simply looking for a delicious and nostalgic treat, be sure to check out Scott Brothers Candy. Their lollies are a delightful way to satisfy your sweet tooth and reminisce about happy times gone by.

Here at we seek our aussie made products as much as possible because there is nothing quite like giving a gift made here in Australia to those you care for. We found the Scott Brothers boiled lollies when we were looking for something that tasted nostalgic, with real flavour and made the old-fashioned way.

Scott Brothers boiled lollies are also a wonderful gift to send anywhere in the world.

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